Special Projects

Tuttle Construction, Inc. has a long history of working in the industrial arena assisting owners with all types of construction-related needs. Sometimes, in the contracting business these types of projects are referred to as "special projects" suggesting smaller projects. We prefer to call our relationships with our clients "industrial accounts" because there is nothing trivial about facility maintenance or equipment installation.

From sitework to equipment debug, Tuttle Construction is experienced. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have worked hand-in-hand with many Fortune 500 companies completing numerous diversified projects. Tuttle Construction has provided construction services in the fields of oil refining, petrochemicals, automotive and many other manufacturing disciplines. We are experienced at meeting the needs of these types of special projects.

From installing a single man-door to constructing a series of transfer press pits, we are ready, willing and able. It's our bread and butter, so to speak.