Self-Perform Capabilities

Building is our business. Taking care of customers is our priority.

One of the ways we continue to deliver greater value to our customers is through our dedication and ability to self-perform certain critical trades. By performing fundamental scopes of work, we are able to offer you more control, as well as set the tone and pace of the project.

While we believe strongly in the benefits of self-perform work for our customers, we always remain flexible and committed to doing what is best for you and your project. Therefore, it is critical that before we proceed you are confident that the ultimate cost of the work we self- perform will be at or below the competitive market price.

Tuttle operates a highly skilled and capable workforce. Over the years, the experience gathered by Tuttle's trade professionals has led to a heritage of high quality workmanship.

These trades set the standard for the quality levels expected and also set the pace for subsequent trades to follow. As such, our firm's ability to self-perform these critical trades better assures that desired completion dates and quality levels are met.

Tuttle self-performs the following work:


When we self-perform work on a negotiated basis, we can offer the following benefits to the project:

Better Schedule Control. Cast in place concrete drives the construction of the building shell. Carpentry work drives many of the interior finish trades. When Tuttle self-performs work in these categories, we are better able to influence the rate at which all subsequent activities take place.

Cost Savings. When self-performing work, Tuttle has been able to maximize labor efficiencies and reduce overall schedule time. These benefits provide cost savings in general conditions and labor. 

Enhanced Quality and Safety. Tuttle has been self-performing work in Ohio since 1928. We have a proven work force that receives on-going training in the areas of quality assurance and safety. Testimonials from previous clients indicate that when we self perform work, our projects have a higher degree of overall quality and fewer lost-time accidents.

Fewer Work Scope Disputes. When Tuttle self-performs work on a negotiated basis, it is our obligation to provide a full scope of work under our line-item cap. To do this, we have to make reasonable inferences from the plans – not just price explicitly what is detailed. This in the end means fewer change orders for the client.