Partnering with Tuttle


Partnering is not a contract, but a recognition that every contract includes an implied convenant of good faith.  The Partnering philosophy offers various benefits to all members involved in a project.  When analyzing all stakeholders’ interests in a project, it is not surprising that the benefits received through Partnering are mutually common to everyone.  The following is a list of some of the major benefits.

  • Enhanced enjoyment of coming to work knowing that problems will be resolved before they become disputes.
  • Increased opportunity for value engineering ideas, through collective innovation.  With everyone’s honest input, changes or improvements can be brought to the table and discussed on how the end result will be affected, instead of just one link.
  • Significantly reduces safety hazards when everyone works together.
  • Enhanced role in the decision making process as an active team member.
  • Potential to improve cash flow due to fewer disputes and withheld payments.
  • Lower administrative costs due to the elimination of upper management involvement, and defensive case building procedures.
  • Lower risk of cost overruns through a better management process controlling time and costs.
  • Increases opportunity to achieve financial goals, through a win/win attitude.
  • Better overall quality because the focus is on the end product, not the adversarial concerns.

Partnering has the potential to change our industry, one project at a time.  Tuttle Construction, Inc. embraces the Partnering concept on all projects.