Safety Training Requirements

Successful construction companies recognize that human capital is it's greatest asset. At Tuttle Construction, Incorporated we firmly believe and invest in improving and expanding the personal growth or all our employees through training and improving skill sets; whether it be blueprint reading, computer skills or safety training. We also believe that the best construction companies are those that have serious training programs that not only advance the skills of employees but also communicate philosophy, expectations, processes, and practices to all employees on an on-going basis. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through the requirement that all employees receive on-going safety and health training as outlined below:

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety and Health Outreach Program

All Project Managers, Estimators and Field Superintendents are required to enroll and complete. Completion of this class is a component of regular performance evaluations. Safety performance and training received carries a 45% weighted score in these evaluations.

OSHA 10 Hour Safety Training

All Project Foreman and field employees are encouraged to achieve this level of safety training. Tuttle periodically sponsors these class in an effort to assure employees have the necessary skills to recognize hazards on the job.