PCS/Potash Corporation

Project Details

Inception Date: March 2009
Completion Date: June 2009
Contract Amount: $250,000
Construction Type:
General Contractor - Hard Bid

Project Contacts


PCS/Potash Corporation
Lima, OH
Contact: Michael Long, 419-226-1255


Weatherly Incorporated

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Brent Stechschulte
Site Superintendent: Rick Werling

PCS Nitrogen Acid Expansion

Project Scope

  • Saw cut and removed existing 800 SF concrete slab
  • Excavate 300 CY for building foundations and concrete slab
  • Erect 20 tons of structural steel for new building
  • Install 4,500 SF of steel siding and roofing
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