Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co.

Project Details

Inception Date: August 2007
Completion Date: October 2007
Contract Amount: $107,180
Construction Type:
General Contractor - Hard Bid

Project Contacts


Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co.
Lima, OH
Contact: Danny Black, 419-226-5500

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Mike Baxter
Site Superintendent: Brad Elmquist

West Lot Pavement Replacement

Project Scope

15 Sawing: Saw cutting was performed to cut and remove 7,295 SF of concrete paving in manageable size pieces for efficient loading into dump trucks.

17 Rigid Pavement Replacement: 7,295 SF of pavement was saw-cut, removed, and replaced. Placed 300 CY of ODOT-MS800. All work was performed under compliance with ODOT Construction and Material Specifications and the current ODOT Standard Detail Drawings.

39 Maintenance of Traffic: Work took place in a shipping lot where solid stream of loaded and unloaded tractor trailers were continuously hauling products and could not be delayed. Due to the high traffic and visible nature of the work area, and it’s proximity to operational plant areas, jersey barriers, signage and personnel were utilized to maintain the flow of traffic and the safety of the workers.

48 Trucking: Loaded and hauled 300 CY of removed concrete off site for disposal.

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