Premcor Refining Group, Inc.

Project Details

Inception Date: August 2005
Completion Date: August 2006
Contract Amount: $1,250,280
Construction Type:
Prime Contractor - Hard Bid

Project Contacts


Premcor Refining Group, Inc.
Lima, OH
Contact: Eric Coppick, 419-226-2336


Jacobs Engineering
Cincinnati, OH

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Mike Baxter
Site Superintendent: Tim Hamilton

McCartin @ Premcor DHT Unit Paving

Project Scope

9 Aggregate Bases: 71,921 SF of new stone base totaling 900 tons was graded and compacted to create a stable base for the new concrete pavement.

12 Rigid Pavement: Over 1,500 CY of concrete was placed and finished on 71,921 square feet of surface area, along with 1,400 linear feet of concrete curb.

15 Sawing: 3,200 LF of saw-cutting was performed to create control joints in the 71,921 sf of concrete pavement.

23 Reinforcing Steel: 60 tons of rebar was placed along with 7,500 linear feet of dowels and dowel baskets.

39 Maintenance of Traffic: Tuttle performed site prep and placement of nearly 72,000 square feet of concrete pavement inside and under a new unit of the refinery that was under construction. Traffic flow had to be maintained and coordinated to allow thousands of feet of piping and cabling to be installed while the concrete work was taking place.

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