DTR Industries - Bluffton, OH

Project Details

Inception Date: January 2007
Completion Date: August 2007
Contract Amount: $930,104
Construction Type:
General Contractor - Hard Bid

Project Contacts


DTR Industries
Bluffton, OH
Contact: Walt Hawkins, 419-358-2121


LJB Archtiects, Inc.
Lima, OH
Contact: Nolan Miller, 419-225-5995

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Brent Stechschulte
Site Superintendent: Joe Lumpkins

Solvent Room Expansion

Project Scope

DTR Industries, Inc. manufactures rubber and plastics products for the automotive industry. The company’s products include anti-vibration products, engine and strut mounts, torque rods, dynamic dampers, muffler hangars, and hose. DTR Industries, Inc. was founded in 1988 and is based in Bluffton, Ohio. DTR Industries, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd. Specific project scope included:

  • Clear and grub 10,700 square feet of existing surfaces
  • Demolish and dispose of 800 square foot solvent buildingPrep and grade site and place aggregate base (10,700 sq. ft.)
  • Construct new 4,200 sq. ft. solvent storage building and shipping dock (structural steel, concrete masonry, metal siding and membrane roof system
  • Install new truck dock and trash dumpster cell
  • Installation of 120 linear feet long, 7 feet tall retaining wall at truck dock
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