St. Michael Parish Church

Project Details

Inception Date:  October 2001
Completion Date:  December 2002
Contract Amount:  $5,807,000
Construction Type:
General Contractor, Hard Bid

Project Contacts


St. Michael Parish Church
422 Western Ave, Findlay, OH
Contact: Fr. Keith Stripe, 419-422-2646


Rooney Clinger Murray Architects
Findlay, OH
Contact: Mike Schuessler, 419-424-9790

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Rob Brown
Site Superintendent: Gary Schimmoeller

New Construction, Findlay, OH

Project Scope

St. Michael Parish is a 34,352 SF catholic church with 2,000 person seating capacity. The building includes such traditional areas as a nave and narthex, along with a family chapel, day chapel, family and hospitality room, office area, restrooms and mechanical areas. St. Michael's is the only catholic church in Hancock County. This metal framed building also features poured concrete archways, brick veneer and stained glass windows. Some of the building’s features are as follows: 10,000' of drywall board (including interior & exterior), 7 miles of wood trim (poplar), 9,000 SF of ceiling tile and the primary stain glass window measures: 12’ wide x 34.4” tall. There are three (3) large wood doors at t entrance, each measuring 10’ tall x 7’8” wide and a 76’ tall bell tower.

Project Accomplishments

The project was completed on time and well below the owner's budget. There were no lost time or OSHA recordable accidents. Tuttle managed the entire project including mechanical and electrical trades. The owner held some contracts including stained glass, wood pews, marble, carpeting, finish painting and landscaping. The finished church boasts 1,400 SF of stained glass windows and four bel in the adjoining bell tower, the largest weighing 5-tons. The church is wrapped with 20,000 SF of sidewalks. Around the end of May 2002, the roof collapsed (a large part of it) and destroyed the wood trusses due to a terrible windstorm that went through the area. Apparently, the wind got up underneath the wood sheeting and tore down fifty - 70’ trusses (2x8’s right off the steel) around 1:30 a.m. This put the project one month behind schedule (resulted in an insurance claim). One half of the 9,000 SF of ceiling tile that was delivered to the site (from the manufacturer) was defective. The first formal service was held on 2/9/03.