Glimcher Development

Project Details

Inception Date: September 2005
Completion Date: March 2006
Contract Amount: $737,157 (Masonry Only)
Construction Type:

Project Contacts


Glimcher Development
Columbus, OH

Construction Manager:

Dayton, OH


FRCH DesignWorldwide
Cincinnati, OH

General Contractor:

Tuttle Construction, Inc.
Project Manager: Ed Ford
Site Superintendents: Fritz Sammetinger

Dayton Mall Expansion

Project Accomplishments

Fritz and his crew have done a great job keeping this job moving. They have worked on 5 different buildings thru very hard site logistics, have had to mobilize back and forth from building to building thru no fault of Whiting Turner or Tuttle to keep the job on schedule. On Building A, Whiting Turner ran into contaminated soils so that pushed us back a bit. The toughest challenge has been dealing with the holiday traffic at the Mall, for our work area is located in the mall Parking lot. We made it thru the holidays with no accidents. The Whiting Turner company has been pleased with Tuttle's performance and have negotiated four more projects with us.

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