Tuttle Projects

Our projects can be seen throughout the Ohio region in the form of faith-based, commercial, educational, industrial and healthcare projects.

Since 1928, we have constructed nearly every type of non-residential building possible, including: manufacturing warehouses, department stores, hospitals, office buildings, K-12 schools, colleges and university facilities, libraries, recreation centers, parking garages, civic facilities, churches, waste water treatment plants and so on.

We pride ourselves on the quality work we provide. Quality can be defined in many ways; however, Tuttle's motto is that "quality is whatever our customers say it is."  Tuttle works with many demanding Fortune 500 companies and we like the way they challenge us on a daily basis - pushing us to new levels of performance.

Check out a sample of our projects by clicking on the project type (faith-based, commercial, educational, industrial and healthcare projects), located under "Projects" in the drop down box at the top of the page.