Corporate Overview

"Driven by Quality, Integrity and Value in all that we do."

Did you know we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified? We provide each and every one of our customers consistency of operations, as well as the highest level of quality that a contractor can offer. For example, complete check lists, to ensure all pertinent information is discussed and no detail is overlooked; scheduling software, to ensure ease and timeliness of updates; progress reports, so that everyone involved with the project is aware of exactly where we stand with the budget; financial analysis of sub-contractors, to ensure the quality and reliability of their resources; and an integrated accounting system to track all costs and ensure the accuracy of payments to subcontractors and suppliers. We believe that in order to withstand the competition in today's markets, we must be able to offer a higher level of quality and continually improve our operations. The keys to continuous improvement are commitment and teamwork.

We provide total quality construction. We found that providing a quality management style leads to quality-driven projects. Tuttle believes every job activity is a process of quality wherein compliance with the requirements of the project are met. The most basic requirement is error free work. The best method of achieving zero errors is prevention. We also believe that quality, productivity and safety are inseparable.

A quality job activity must always include safety and productivity in order to meet customer requirements. The steps for quality in construction involve employee awareness, quality review, education, organization and planning, work smart actions, measurement and goal setting, award/recognition, and involvement of suppliers and customers.

It is our mission to provide the following processes on each of our projects:

  • Cultivation of mutual respect, fair treatment
  • Full and free communication
  • Reliable measurement and feedback
  • Dedication to continuous improvement
  • Build effective group processes
  • Empowering people to make decisions and take action
  • Improved communication with clients
  • Team building
  • Success for our customers
  • Hassle-free delivery of construction services

"Quality Management is a strategic issue . . . the old fashioned way of doing business with a new twist."